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Explore Coming of Age Day In Japan | 2023

Explore Coming of Age Day In Japan

In many parts of the world, people celebrate when their young ones turn adults. For example, Latin Americans honour this when their girls turn fifteen, considering it the age of womanhood. The people of North Baffin Island let their boys on the first hunt of adulthood at the age of 11-12. Similarly, Japan celebrates Coming of Age Day.

Coming of age day in Japan is an upcoming holiday which celebrates the adulthood of the young generation in the country. This tradition signifies the responsibilities this age brings to an individual’s life. People organize fun activities to make this day unique. So if you are excited to know more about this event, read the below blog.

What is Coming of Age Day In Japan?

Coming of Age day is a part of Japanese culture which considers a particular day and age as the time when teenagers turn into adults. This period is commonly viewed as the age of maturity, which is 18 or 21 years. It also allows them to become eligible for all those rituals and activities that adults perform.

Each year Japanese people celebrate this on the 2nd Monday of January. This event primarily focuses on those who turn 20 between April 2nd of the last year and April 1st of the current year. Under the Japanese constitution, they are granted the right to vote after reaching the age of eighteen.

The History of Coming of Age Day?

The history of coming of age day goes back to 714 AD, when a crown prince celebrated the arrival of his adulthood and marked it by wearing a unique dress and accessory. But, it was only in 1948 that the country declared January 15th as a national holiday to celebrate this occasion. In 2000, the date was replaced by the 2nd Monday of January. In fact, many other holidays are also declared to be celebrated on Monday, making it the Happy Monday System.

What Do People Wear?

Japanese people prefer wearing the traditional Kimono dress for all festivals, weddings, etc. Most importantly, this attire has become an important symbol representing Japanese people and their culture, as it depicts their values and ethics.

On this day, women dress in furisodes (kimonos) and beautify them with long sleeves and thronged sandals. They make different hairstyles adorned with accessories like flowers and beads to enhance their attire and many take help from beauty professionals to dress properly.

Men wear Montsuki haori hakama,  a traditional dress which is worn on this special day.You can divide this dress into three parts, a full-length garment, a Japanese skirt and a conventional half-court. Some boys also choose western suits for such events in Japan.

How is Coming of Age Day In Japan Celebrated?

You will observe an enthusiasm to welcome the coming of age day in teenagers who acquire adulthood on this prosperous day. You will get a view of this ceremony if you live in Japan. These events occur inside city halls, community centers or public places. Programs and speeches held during this event become a means of motivation for all new adults.

To take the blessings of God at this auspicious time, visiting shrines with families and colleagues is a common practice on this day. People take pictures and photographs and some even appoint photographers who can beautifully capture this special event for them.

This event encourages people to get involved in parties at places like izakayas, which are informal bars in Japan. It is a famous place to enjoy drinks and snacks with your friends and loved ones.

Regional Differences 

There are diverse ways of celebrating this event in different regions of Japan. Most people prefer celebrating it in their hometowns. During this holiday, many shrines such as Shibuya, Shinjuku and MeijiJingu become public gathering hubs.

In Tokyo, Disney Resort is the ideal destination for those who love having fun with Disney characters and cartoons. You can observe Fukuoka prefecture full of youngsters wearing bold and highlighted clothes. Similarly, such activities are organized in different parts of the county. Altogether, all these elements make this holiday a joyous one to attend.

This festival offers an overview of Japanese culture and its significance for teenagers and other young adults. This year’s age day will be held on January 9th or the 2nd Monday of this month.


This event receives enough media coverage at national and international levels, and channels such as NHK, CNN. You can tune into these channels to learn more about this festival, on January 9th, 2023. If you visit Japan, remember to witness this ceremony and the joy it adds to lives. This is all we have to say about Coming of Age Day in Japan and its importance to people. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and getting an insight into this event.

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