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Top 10 phrases to compliment someone in Japanese Language

Giving someone a compliment can make their whole day. Telling a cab driver “You drive very well” or telling a masseur “You have healing hands” goes a long way in helping them in their professional and personal life. Giving someone a compliment doesn’t cost you a thing – not your time nor energy nor money. Yet, it can be such a powerful thing.

In a country like Japan where mannerism and politeness are very important, you need to be able to compliment others in Japanese. Simple complimentary phrases in Japanese language are easy to learn.

Here are 10 common phrases to compliment someone in Japanese Language:

素敵 [Suteki] – Fantastic! Beautiful!

Let’s say someone showed you something and you want to say something along the lines of it being interesting or beautiful. Just say, “Suteki.”

かっこいい [Kakkoii] – Cool!

Cool is a word one can use for almost anything. This particular phrase is used when something looks or feels brand new.

かわいい [Kawaii] – Cute!

You may have heard of the word Kawaii. It basically represents anything that is cute or animated.

すばらしい [Subarashii] – Wonderful! Breathtaking!

The Land of the Rising Sun has picturesque settings and you are going to want to express its beauty. This is the phrase for just that.

上手 [Jouzu] – You’re good at this!

Complimenting someone on the task they do, like we have mentioned before, can make their day. It helps them to feel appreciated and do even better. Use this phrase to make friends especially at your workplace.

優しい [Yasashii] – You’re so kind! You’re so compassionate!

Kindness is a virtue that must be rewarded with kindness as well. And the best way to do that is by compliments like this.

頑張っているね [Ganbatteirune] – You sure are working hard!

This will come in handy at your workplace. Japanese people take pride in their hard work and complimenting them will put you on their good side.

美味しい [Oishii] – Yummy! Delicious!

In the birthplace of sushi, you are going to experience what good food really is. Whenever you visit restaurants, use this phrase to compliment the cook and the people.

似合っているね [Niatteirune] – That suits you well! It matches you perfectly!

Use this phrase to compliment someone’s look such as their hairstyles or fashion senses.

いいね [Iine] – Good! Great!

Now this is a word you can use in various situations. Someone asks how you are or how the food tastes, just use this phrase.

Well, there you have it. You are on your way to have a fruitful life in Japan as long as you give compliments when (even when not) necessary.

Sayonara for now!

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