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How To Say Peace in Japanese

peace in japanese

The word “Peace” and its symbol are among the most commonly used words for captions or tattoos. Who doesn’t like to associate themselves with this word? It means freedom from disturbance and can be used as a friendly hello or goodbye.

If you want to learn the different ways to say peace in Japanese and write the Japanese peace symbol. You are at the right place. In this blog, we will share with you how to say peace in Japanese and write peace in Japanese.

Peace in Japanese language is Heiwa [平和]. Heiwa can also represent something or someone having a calm presence or being educated and harmonious.

Japanese Symbol For Peace

Hei [平] and Wa [和] are two ideograms used together to represent peace in Japanese.

Many people believe that Wa [和] literally translates to peace in English when in actuality, it is an ideogram that is used to represent Japan as it is the nation’s old name. It is often directed at Japanese traditional things such as art, music and entities.

The word Hei [平] on the other hand, despite repeatedly being translated as peace, refers to something or someone ordinary or mediocre.

However, when combined Hei [平] and Wa [和] together, we get peace or harmony or tranquility.

Different Ways To Say Peace In Japanese

The table below will show you the different ways to say peace in Japanese along with words related to it.

Peace Heiwa 平和
Peaceful Nagoyaka 和やか
Calm Nagomu 和む
Peace Waboku 和睦
Tranquility/Serenity Shizukesa 静けさ
Harmony Chōwa 調和
Union Rengō 連合
Truce Kyūsen 休戦
Unity Danketsu 団結
Rest Yasumi 休み
Relaxed Rirakkusu リラックス
Amity Yūjō 友情
Stillness Seishi 静止

Common Phrases And Sentences With The Word Peace

Take a look at the table below, which consists of common phrases and sentences with the word peace in them.

Be at peace with yourself. Jibun to heiwa ni nari nasai. 自分と平和になりなさい。
Live peacefully. Heiwa ni kurasu. 平和に暮らす。
Peaceful coexistence. Heiwakyōson. 平和共存。
Make peace. Heiwa o tsukuru. 平和を作る。
Rest in peace. Yasuraka ni nemuru. 安らかに眠る。
I want world peace. Sekai heiwa ga hoshī. 世界平和が欲しい。
Peace is restored. Heiwa ga kaifuku shimasu. 平和が回復します。
I feel at peace. Anshin shimasu. 安心します。
Leave her in peace. Kanojo o anshin sa sete kudasai. 彼女を安心させてください。
For my peace of mind, I need to know. Watashi no kokoro no yasuragi no tame ni, watashi wa shiru hitsuyō ga arimasu. 私の心の安らぎのために、私は知る必要があります。
Peace and love to all. Subete no hito ni heiwa to ai o. すべての人に平和と愛を。
May peace be with you. Heiwa ga anata to tomoni arimasu yō ni. 平和があなたと共にありますように。

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