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How To Respond To Your Supervisor or Manager In Japanese

On account of its aging population and low birth rate, Japan is facing a chronic labour shortage. Due to this, the demand for foreign workers has risen across all industries. So, to rectify this issue, the Japanese government is looking for skilled foreign professionals to work in Japan.

In 2016 alone, the country witnessed over 1 million foreign nationals working in Japan. So, if you are among the lucky candidates to find a job in Japan, we congratulate you!

As one of the most influential economies in Asia and the third-largest economy in the world, Japan is known for its strong work ethic. And as such, Japanese managers can be demanding in order to get the job done right and earn respect.

So, whenever you are conversing with your Japanese manager or other subordinates – be it when replying to them or asking questions – you need to mind your tone and body language. It’s always about professionalism in a Japanese workplace, so you would also have to show your respect to your older colleagues.

Being professional and pleasant towards your colleagues and Japanese manager or other subordinates will put you in their good graces, which in turn will create a good working environment for you and enhance your job satisfaction.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to respond to your future boss/manager/supervisor in Japanese, then don’t fret because we are going to give you a few tips on how to reply in Japanese language before you embark on your journey to the Land of the Rising Sun.

So, without much further ado, let’s begin.

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Different Ways To Reply To Your Senior/ Boss/ Manager in Japanese

Not all offices function the same way. In different countries like India or the USA, some companies choose to share a casual work environment and be friendly towards each other; some opt for a professional work environment, where everything is about business.

Now, we can not tell you which work environment you will find yourself in once you join your office in Japan. The table below (which shows different situations you may face with your Japanese manager or supervisor at work, along with an answer for each in Japanese and English) will help make your transition into your new workplace a bit more comfortable.

Situation Answer In English  Answer In Japanese
When your supervisor is looking for you or calling you. Yes, I am right here. Hai, koko ni orimasu. (はい、ここにおります。)
When your boss, manager or supervisor asks you to come to his/her office. I’m coming now. Tadaima mairi masu. (只今、参ります。)
When you step inside the office. (On time) Did you call me? Oyobi de shouka? (お呼びでしょうか?)
When you step inside the office. (Late) I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Omatase shite shimai sumimasen. (お待たせしてしまい すみません。)
When he/she gives you work or a task to complete. Yes, I got it. Hai, kashiko mari mashita. (はい、かしこまりました。)
When you are not following what they are saying and you want to ask them to repeat. Pardon me. Could you repeat that one more time? Sumimasen. Mōichido onegaishimasu. (すみません。もう一度 お願いします。)
When you want confirmation from your supervisor or boss.             Is this correct? Korede yoroshi īdeshou ka? (これで よろしいいでしょうか。)

If you are moving to Japan for your career, we advise that you learn the different ways to respond to your boss, manager or supervisor in Japanese shown in the table above as it will make your transition a tad bit easier.

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