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Japanese Expressions You Need To Know To Get Someone’s Attention

Japanese Expressions You Need To Know To Get Someone’s Attention

Suppose you plan to visit Japan anytime soon for business or pleasure. In that case, you will need to brush up on your Japanese vocabulary skills as the majority of the locals there will only be speaking their native language.

For instance, let’s say you are at a restaurant and you are ready to order. However, you do not speak Japanese, so you use your finger to call the waiter. Now, don’t you think that just seems rude and disrespectful? Why do that when you can take a moment to learn some common Japanese words and phrases to get someone’s attention like ‘Sumimasen (すみません!)’, which means ‘Excuse me’ in English? That is what this article is all about.

Here, we share some common Japanese expressions and phrases that we believe would come in handy during your stay in Japan.

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Common Japanese Words and Phrases to get Someone’s Attention

The table below will help you learn the most common Japanese expressions and phrases to get a Japanese person’s attention or start a conversation with him or her

English Romaji Japanese
Hey O ̄ i! おーい!
Everyone! Minasa ̄ n! みなさーん!
Excuse me! Sumimasen! すみません!
Over there! Soko! そこ!
You there! Soko no kimi! そこの きみ!
Listen up! Kiite! 聞いて!
There is an announcement. Happyō ga arimasu. 発表があります。
Please pay attention. Chūmoku shite kudasai. 注目してください。
Can I ask you a question? Shitsumon shite mo īdesu ka? 質問してもいいですか?
Do you have time to spare? Jikan ni yoyū wa arimasu ka? 時間に余裕はありますか?
Are you free right now? Anata wa ima jiyūdesu ka? あなたは今自由ですか?

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We hope this article helps in enhancing your Japanese vocabulary skills.

We will leave you here with our best wishes.

Until next time, sayonara for now!

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