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Different Ways On How To Say Yes In Japanese

Different Ways On How To Say Yes In Japanese

When you learn (or try) to learn a new language, the first few words or sentences taught to you are usually “Yes”, “No”, and “How are you?”

Why is that? Well, for starters, “How are you?” is usually the first question we ask when we see or meet up with people. “Yes” and “No” can be used to answer any and many questions, so we tend to learn them first. However, there are many different ways to say “Yes” and “No,” as some can be formal, while some informal.

In this article, let’s expand our vocabulary skills and learn the different ways to say “Yes” in Japanese, plus how to say “Okay” in Japanese along with some other affirmative words.

Different Ways To Say Yes In Japanese Language

Yes  Hai (Formal) はい
Yes Ee (Informal) ええ
Okay Okkee オッケー
That’s right. Sou Desu (Ne) そうです(ね)
Alright Daijoubu Desu 大丈夫です
Yes, certainly. Hai, kashikomarimashita はい、かしこまりました
Noted Ryoukai desu りょうかいです
Yes, of course. Hai, mochirondesu はい、もちろんです
By all means. Zehi ぜひ
Yeah Un うん
That’s cool. ii ne いいね
For sure. Mochiron もちろん
Sure thing. ii tomo いいとも
Roger Rajaa ラジャー
No problem. Mondainashi 問題なし
Understood Ryōkai shita 了解した
Very well Kekkō 結構
Indeed Tashikani 確かに
Agreed Dōi shita 同意した
Sure  Shōchishimashita 承知しました
Absolutely Zettai 絶対
Affirmative Kōtei-teki 肯定的
Definitely  Machigainaku 間違いなく
Exactly  Masani まさに
Yes, please. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu よろしくお願いします

The table above shows the different ways to say yes and other words of affirmation in Japanese.

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