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About TITP

Technical Intern Training Program

The Technical Intern Training Program is an on-the-job training program providing employment opportunities for foreign nationals in Japan. Its purpose is to provide training, technical skills and technology experience to workers from developing economies. The aim of this program in India is to provide a platform and to prepare young workers by helping them acquire industrial & vocational skills as technical intern trainees in companies in Japan for a period of 3-5 years, so that they can utilise such skills for economic and industrial development after their return to home country.

titps jobs in japan
titps jobs in japan
titps jobs in japan
TITP Sending Flow

How Does It Work?

Recruitment of Candidates for TITP

Selection of suitable candidates after reviewing registered applicants.

Japanese Language & Culture Training

Selected candidates undergo 3-4 months of Japanese Language and Culture training at Akal Japanese Academy.


Candidates undergo an interview selection process with representatives of Japanese companies.

Medical Examination

Selected candidates undergo medical examination. Only those who complete this step successfully can travel to Japan under TITP.

Visa Processing

Akal Japanese Academy applies for the Japanese Visa of the TITP trainee at the Japanese consulate in India.

Travel to Japan

The TITP interns can now enter japan. One way air tickets are included in the program.

One Month Japanese Language & Training Program

After entering Japan, the TITP trainee must undergo Japanese language and culture training operated by the supervising organisation. The training is usually 1-2 months but may vary.

Technical Intern Training Starts

Once the candidates start working, they will be required to take the ‘National Trade Skill Test’ in order to determine if they are capable of continuing TITP.

Completion of TITP

After the completion of TITP term in Japan, The technical intern trainees will come back to India as highly skilled trained manpower and start a promising career in their respective industries.

titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan
Fee Structure

Technical Intern Training Program Fee

Services Charges in INR
Japanese Language Training, Japanese Culture, Laws, Rules & Regulations, Day to Day Life Training, Study Material.

Registration Fee, Interview Assessment. Interview preparations, Mock Interviews, Japanese employer facilitation, Job matching, placement, Administrative Charges.

Visa paper filing & processing, Pre-dispatch training and other soft skills related to candidates’ successful landing in Japan.

Training in day to day conversations, team building activities through role plays.
₹ 3,11,520/- (All Inclusive)
titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan
Our Successful Placements

Akal has placed more than 100 candidates in Japan

Kapil Kumar
Zirkungpuii Tlau
Plastic Moulding
Shivam Kumar
Carpentry Work
Monika Kumari
Plastic Moulding
Satish Kumar
Rahul Kumar Jha
Prerna Roy
Plastic Moulding
Monit Doley
titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan

What Our TITP Students Say About Us

titp jobs in japan
Kapil Nigam

"Akal Japanese Academy is one of the best institutes for TITP. All teachers and staff are very supportive and knowledgeable. They teach Japanese as well as give all practical knowledge about Japan’s culture, behaviour and universal skills."

titp jobs in japan
Neeraj Pal
Metal spray paint

"All teachers and staff are very good and knowledgeable. They give full support to us and answer our every query. I am extremely happy that I joined TITP at Akal Japanese Academy and would fully recommend it to anyone who wants to start their career in Japan."

titp jobs in japan
Nitin Upadhayay

“I owe my success to Akal Japanese Academy for getting selected in the construction industry in Japan. I would highly recommend this to everyone who wants to start their career in Japan. The teachers are highly supportive and provide students with adequate knowledge to shape their skills and behaviour”

titp jobs in japan
titp jobs in japan