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Work In Japan

What Do We Offer?

Japanese Language & Cultural Training

Our experts will prepare the candidates for language tests and help them adjust to a new culture.

Japanese Company Selection & Placement

We help candidates get placed in Japanese companies for the field of their choice.

Interview preparation

We prepare candidates for the interview and provide trainings on Japanese work culture.

Visa Processing

We offer assistance in preparing documents and applying to get the status of residence.

Work In Japan

Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)

About Specified Skilled Worker

SSW or specified skilled worker is a status of residence under which foreign nationals can work in Japan for up to 5 years.

Who Can Apply For SSW?

Those who are at least 18 years of age and have considerable knowledge or experience in the field they choose to work in can apply for SSW.

Testing Requirements

To qualify for SSW, the candidates must pass a skills proficiency test and a Japanese language test (JLPT N4 or A2 level of Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese). Those who have completed 3 years of Technical Intern Training are exempted from these exams. Candidates for Nursing Care must complete the Nursing Care Japanese Language Proficiency Test in addition to the aforementioned test. Currently, only the Nursing Care Skills test is available in India.


Benefits of SSW

Work In Japan

Get an opportunity to work in Japan for upto 5 years

High Salary

Get a respectable compensation, compliant with the Japanese minimum wages.

Japanese way of working

Learn the Japanese work culture and etiquettes, quality management and gain a bigger perspective by working with people of different nationalities.


The company will provide you with accommodation or someone from your company will serve as a guarantor for the house you live in.

Orientation Sessions

The company will provide you with orientation sessions to help you adjust to life in Japan.

Learning Japanese

The company will help you choose a Japanese language school to help you develop your Japanese language skills further.

Problem Solving

The company will provide assistance in your native language in case of any problems you may face.


The company will provide you support throughout your stay to help you have a better life in Japan.


How Does It Work?


Pass the Japanese Language & Skills Proficiency Tests (Those who have satisfactorily completed 3 years of Technical Intern Training are exempted from these tests)


Interview with representatives from Japanese companies

Review Contract

Sign a contract with the company

Visa Processing

Submit a status of residence application to immigration

Work in Japan

Work in Japan for upto 5 years