Japan Health Care Giver Training Course

Earn Monthly Salary More Than Rs. 1 Lakh.

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Course Overview

The Course is focussed towards preparing candidates to work in Japan as Care Givers.

Course Duration: 10 Months

The course includes two modules:

Health Care Giver Training course includes:

  • Trainings to assist patients with
  • Use of medical equipment’s like
  • Training about ROM exercises (Range of Motion): It refers to activity aimed at improving movement of a specific joint. This motion is influenced by several structures: configuration of bone surfaces within the joint, joint capsule, ligaments, tendons, and muscles acting on the joint.
  • Training to assist patients in walking, standing, bathing, personal care, including dressing, mobility, administering medication, personal hygiene, eating and transporting to doctor’s appointments
  • Trainings to monitor patient medications and update health charts, Document and report any changes in client’s health status
  • Training to building Effective Communication and Relations with the patient. Assist in social interaction, pursuing hobbies and interest and to prevent isolation, Keeping safe and secure environment
  • Training to understand basic healthcare issues and their treatment, basic emergencies at home and how to deal with them, ethical behaviour and time management

Japanese Language Training (up to JLPT Level N4)

AKAL’s Japan Job Preparation Training is focussed to prepare candidates to work in Japan. The training includes:

  • Fundamental Japanese Language Training to the level of JLPT N5 & N4
  • Daily Conversation & Lessons of Lifestyle
  • Life Manners & Business Manners
  • Knowledge & Cautions of Japanese worksite and Orientations
  • Video Profiling & Interview Preparation.

The Japanese Language program at AKAL focuses not only on Japanese language but also on culture, behaviour, mannerism of Japanese society, from the aspect of working in Japan under TITP program. The focus is not only on education but also on conversational skills required for surviving in Japan.

This program also prepares our students for Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT) conducted by Japanese government all over the world on every first Sunday of July and December every year.

Course Eligibility

Care Giver qualifications and skills

  • Grade 12 or above
  • Age: 18+
  • Ability to solve problem quickly
  • Should be strong & fit

Benefits of Japan Caregiver Training

AKAL prepares its students to WORK in JAPAN

Work in Japan under TITP Program Japan

Work in Japan

Good Salary Paying Jobs under TITP Program Japan

High & Respectable
Salary with Accommodation

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Care Giver Program Fee

1. Registration, interview & assessment Rs. 25000/- + Tax At the time of registration in Care Giver Program
2. Japanese Language Training Study Material Rs. 33900/- + Tax In 4 equal instalments
3. Japanese Culture, Laws, Rules & Regulations, Day to Day Life Training Rs. 25000/- + tax On qualifying Job interview
4. Administrative & Placement charges Rs. 196100/- + Tax On receiving Visa approval (easy loan available)
  TOTAL Rs. 280000/- + Tax.