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Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) Flow in 9 simple steps

Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) Flow in 9 simple steps

Japan’s government has been on the lookout for foreign talents to aid its chronic labour shortage, which, for quite a while now, has been expected to bring its far-reaching implications – both in the short and the long term. The labour market shortage has caused Japanese companies to struggle in finding skilled workers to execute specific projects. To address this issue, Japanese government officials have taken major steps to encourage foreigners to take up jobs in Japan.

In India, it was in October 2017 that India’s Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE), and Japan’s Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to begin the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP).

How TITP generated Highest Paying Jobs in Japan?

The TITP program in India has generated many jobs in Japan for Indians, making the dreams of those who want to work in Japan come through. It is also one of the fastest ways for Indians to get hired for the highest-paying jobs in Japan.

In this blog, let’s familiarize ourselves with what TITP is.

What is the meaning of TITP?

If you look at our official website, we have explained that “TITP is an initiative taken by the Indian & Japanese Government to send Indian Trainees to Japan, for technical training. The aim is to provide a platform and to prepare young workers from India by helping them acquire industrial & vocational skills as technical intern trainees in companies in Japan for 3-5 years so that they can utilize such skills for economic and industrial development after their return to home country.”

Which Japanese Institute is TITP sending organization?

AKAL Japanese Academy is a TITP sending organization approved by NSDC, Ministry of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship by Government of India, and OTIT Japan that offers a comprehensive 360-degree program to ensure a successful TITP placement in Japan.

TITP Flow of AKAL Japanese Academy

  1. Recruitment for Candidates
    Out of the many candidates who have registered with AKAL Japanese Academy’s TITP program, eligible and appropriate candidates for the training program will be selected by the officials of the academy.
  2. Training on Japanese Language and Culture
    After the selection of the eligible candidates, they will have to undergo 3-4 months of training in the language and culture of Japan.
  3. Interview Process
    After the training, candidates will have to go through the interview process with the representatives of the Japanese companies where they will be placed.
  4. Medical Examination
    Candidates who have cleared the interview will then have to undergo medical examinations at any medical institution recommended by AKAL Japanese Academy. Those candidates who do not clear the examination, they will be replaced by another candidates.
  5. Visa Application Process
    The visa for the candidate will be applied by AKAL Japanese Academy at the Japanese consular office in India.
  6. Entry to Japan
    Candidates will enter Japan once the visa is finalized and received.
  7. Japanese language and Technical Training
    The candidates will then go through Japanese language and technical training for a month or two under the supervision of the companies where candidates are placed. The training period may differ, depending on the company.
  8. Technical Intern Training begins
    After the completion of the training, the trainees/candidates will start working in Japan. A yearly ‘National Trade Skill Test’ will have to be taken by the candidates to determine whether they can continue working in Japan or not.
  9. Completion of TITP
    After the completion of the TITP term by the candidates, they will have to return to India, where their skills and experience will be appreciated when job hunting.

What is the fees of TITP Program?

  1. Japanese Language Training, Japanese Culture, Laws, Rules & Regulations, Day to Day Life Training, Study Material is ₹15255/- + GST (18%) in total and can be paid in two monthly installments.
  2. Registration Fee and Interview Assessment is ₹16950/- + GST (18%). This should be paid at the time of registration.
  3. Interview preparations, Mock Interviews, Japanese employer facilitation, Job matching, placement, Administrative Charges are ₹33900/- + GST (18%) in total and the payment has to be paid at the time of selection by the Japanese Employer.
  4. The total cost for Visa paper filing & processing, Pre-dispatch training, and other soft skills related to candidates’ successful landing in Japan, such as day-to-day conversations and team-building activities through role-plays, is ₹ 173895/- + GST (18%). The payment should be made at the time of receipt of Confirmation of Employment (COE) from the Japanese Employer.
    The total amount to be paid is ₹240000/- + GST (18%). 

How to apply for TITP from India?

To register for TITP to find jobs in Japan from India and to know more, visit and call on the number mentioned in the link below:

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