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Tips to Prepare for a Japanese Interview

interview in japanese

Interview in Japanese can be nerve-racking, but they are necessary as they are an essential part of the hiring process for any job in Japan. They give the company and candidates a chance to match their requirements and expectations from another and are considered to play the deciding factor in hiring a candidate.

More often than not, candidates fail to clear the first round of their interviews because of a lack of research, the right attitude, confidence, and, well, for being ill-prepared.

Regardless of the company you are applying to, specific rules and etiquette must be followed to form a good impression on the interviewer.

7 Tips for Job Interview for a Japanese Company in Japan

1. Body Language Is The Key To Success

Body language is a very important aspect from the perspective of interviewing because it speaks a lot about your character. Always remember to sit in an upright posture, directly facing the interviewer. This gives out a signal of being calm and composed, making you a suitable candidate. Avoid using your cellphone or slouching while speaking to the interviewer.

2. Dress For The Job You Want

Mind what you wear. You do not want to be referred to as the candidate with the ‘neon green t-shirt” or “wrinkled shirt”. Choose a dark formal or semi-formal outfit for the interview. Japanese usually prefer the “white shirt-black pants” combination a lot. Make sure that you do not over-accessorize. Ensure your outfit is neatly pressed the night before the interview. Also, don’t forget to get a clean shave before the interview begins to give yourself a well-groomed look.

3. Good Manners To Go A Long Way

When the interviewer enters the room, be sure to stand up and greet them. The Japanese are not very big on handshakes, so avoid making the first move. If they extend a handshake, give a moderately tight one and pair it up with a bow, this marks respect in the Japanese tradition.

4. Ensure Professionalism

Before leaving the interview venue, make sure to collect your belongingness and tuck your chair back in; these are basic courtesies that go a long way in establishing professionalism. Make sure to greet your interviewer with a respectful bow before you exit.

5. Introduce Yourself In A Creative Way!

Some Japanese phrases come in handy during the conversation in the interview. An excellent way to introduce yourself in Japanese is ______to moushimasu. Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu”. This is a way of saying your name and mentioning that it is a pleasure to meet them. Complete it with a smile, and you’ve got the perfect formal greeting.

6. Go Through The Job Role/Description

Be sure to read up well on the job profile, the role, your strengths and weaknesses, and why you are a perfect fit for the position. The Japanese place a lot of emphasis on knowing what you care about, and giving off a clear impression will help you secure your dream job.

7. Just Be Yourself

Last but not least, never ever try to show off, lie or boast in front of a Japanese Employer regarding anything. Be as authentic as you can be because they quickly screen out candidates based on their behavior.


If you do not know the Japanese language, try to self-learn a few lines in Japanese to introduce yourself in the interview so that you can set a very good impression. After that, you can continue in your preferred language to conclude.

We hope this list will help in your journey from job search to job placement. Be sure to take your interviews seriously, be sincere and diligent with your responses.

We wish you all the very best in securing a job in Japan!
Until next time, sayonara for now!

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