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Summer And Its Related Terms And Phrases In Japanese




Ah, Summer!

In Japan, summer usually arrives in June and stays till August. Once the rainy season (known as “tsuyu”, in Japanese), which generally lasts till July, that is when the Land of the Rising Sun will enchant you. Once the rain stops, you will have tons of festivals and fireworks to look forward to. This is when Japan comes to life.

With so much to look forward to for the summer in Japan, let’s ready ourselves and learn the Japanese word for summer and its related words and phrases.

Table 1: Summer And Its Related Words

The table below (Table 1) shows a collection of summer-related words in Japanese.

Summer Natsu
Sun Taiyō 太陽
Hot Atsui 熱い
Warm Attakai 暖かい
Fireworks Hanabi 花火
Ice cream Aisukurīmu アイスクリーム
Summer vacation Natsuyasumi 夏休み
Swimsuit Mizugi 水着
Ocean/sea Kaiyō 海洋
Water Mizu
Sunburn Hiyake 日焼け
Sweat Ase
Humid Mushiatsui 蒸し暑い
Humid climate Shitsudo no takai kikō 湿度の高い気候
Sunscreen Hiyakedome 日焼け止め

Table 2: Summer-Related Phrases

The table below (Table 2) shows a collection of summer-related phrases in Japanese.

Summer is my favourite season. Natsu wa watashi no sukina kisetsudesu. 夏は私の好きな季節です。
I love summer. Natsu ga daisuki. 夏が大好き。
Enjoy your summer vacation! Natsuyasumi o o tanoshimi kudasai! 夏休みをお楽しみください!
Bring your swimsuit. Mizugi o jisan shite kudasai. 水着を持参してください。
Apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Hiyake o fusegu tame ni hiyakedome o nutte kudasai. 日焼けを防ぐために日焼け止めを塗ってください。
Summer is humid in Japan. Nippon’nonatsu wa shitsudo ga takaidesu. 日本の夏は湿度が高いです。
It’s so hot that I am sweating a lot. Totemo atsuinode ase o kakimasu. とても暑いので汗をかきます。
I like to eat ice cream when it’s hot. Atsui toki wa aisukurīmu o taberu no ga sukidesu. 暑いときはアイスクリームを食べるのが好きです。
This is my favourite swimsuit. Kore wa watashinōkiniiri no mizugidesu. これは私のお気に入りの水着です。
I look forward to the fireworks. Hanabi ga tanoshimidesu. 花火が楽しみです。

We hope the two tables above help in making your summer in Japan a worthwhile experience.

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Until next time, sayonara for now!

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