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Build your career in Japanese Fashion Industry

The Land of the Rising sun is widely acclaimed for its mystifying and animated traditional arts, delectable cuisines, as well as its exquisite flower arrangement.

Countries and people have taken inspiration from Japan’s original traditional heritage and fuse those ideas with their artwork. Many renowned luxury fashion houses such as Armani and Dolce and Gabbana have taken inspiration from the Japanese kimonos to revamp their designs and looks. Kourtney Kardashian donning an Attico kimono mini dress back in 2017 is still talk of the Tinseltown to this day.

Japanese styles definitely have a huge impact on the fashion world. Japan’s street fashion allows one to identify themselves as one can clearly see where their interests and passion lie. From lolita to visual kei fairy Kei, the Japanese have used their fashion styles to speak out for them.

Career in Fashion Industry in Japan

The brilliance, dynamicity, and nonconformity of Japanese traditional arts is why aspiring designers take their inspiration from Japanese fashion. So, if you want a career in fashion, why not go to the place where style remains stellar.

Take a look at some of these careers (with average base salaries) you could opt for in the Japanese fashion industry in Japan:

  • Fashion Designer:
    Average base salary: ¥6812144 (₹4256908.79) per annum.
  • Fashion Model:
    Average base salary: ¥5730000 (₹3810001.34) per annum.
  • Brand Manager:
    Average base salary: ¥10600000 (₹7049396.44) per annum.
  • Merchandiser:
    Average base salary: ¥6029125 (₹4008824.99) per annum.
  • Fashion Stylist:
    Average base salary: ¥7427009 (₹4938533.19) per annum.
  • Buyer:
    Average base salary: ¥4000000 (₹2659797.49) per annum.
  • Textile Designer:
    Average base salary: ¥3894317 (₹2589380.50) per annum.
  • Creative Director:
    Average base salary: ¥10000000 (₹6648551.00) per annum.

Japanese Fashion Industry offers ample opportunities to grow and build your career in Japan, but there is a precondition for this.

For a foreigner in Japan, if you do not speak and understand the Japanese language you will have a very hard time climbing the ladder of success as most Japanese people do not speak or understand English.

So, it is highly recommended you learn the Japanese language and culture if you plan to have a successful career in Japan.

Here are some of the best ways to learn the Japanese Language:

  1. Books:
    There are many fundamental books such as Genki and Minna no Nihongo, which you can refer to start learning Japanese as a beginner.
  2. Videos:
    There are many free tutorials on YouTube that can be helpful in learning the basic conversational terms and greetings in the Japanese language.
  3. Japanese Language Course:
    Japanese Language Courses are the best way to learn the Japanese language and culture, as they provide face-to-face interaction with Japanese language experts to guide you and clarify your doubts as and when they arise. There are many Japanese Language Schools that offer customized Japanese learning solutions to suit your career needs. Not only this, they assist you in the VISA process and finding a job in Japan for a dream career.

We hope this article helps you understand more about the Japanese Fashion Industry, its career paths, and the importance of learning Japanese language for a brighter career in Japan.

We wish you all the very best of luck.

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