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Top 10 Japanese Food and Authentic Japanese Restaurants

Top 10 Japanese Food and Authentic Japanese Restaurants

The Land of the Rising Sun not only offers people its mountainous backdrops and fascinating cultural heritage, but also some of the most delectable Japanese dishes. So if you are an Indian living in Japan, these Japanese foods for Indians in Japan are a must-try.

“Food is the secret ingredient that binds us together.” Japanese food makes for a mouth-watery cuisine and is bound to tickle the food lover’s appetite. We have shortlisted some of the most amazing Japanese cuisines that are a must-try while touring the country.

Must-Try Japanese Cuisines

  1. Sushi
    Sushi is famous all around the world as a trademark for Japanese food. Sushi is steamed rice served with raw fish and a platter of sauces. Traditional Sushi can be found only in Japan, although it is available in several parts of the globe. You can find this dish in supermarkets as well as in high-end restaurants too. We recommend trying all kinds of Sushi you can find because Sushi is love!
  2. Unagi
    Freshwater eel, Unagi is a conventional delight unique to Japan. Served mildly grilled with an assortment of sauces on top of rice, Unagi is a delicacy relished most in the summer months of July. The two most popular styles of Unagi are the Kabayaki and the Hitsumabashi served in Nagoya.
  3. Okonomiyaki
    Okonomiyaki is a combination of water, egg, and flour tossed with your favorite toppings and then grilled – giving rise to a pancake-like texture. It is accompanied by the Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito cornflakes. Pair it up with some Okonomiyaki noodles and you have for yourself an unforgettable meal!
  4. Udon & Soba
    Presenting Udon & Soba, the tastiest Japanese noodles in town. A break from Ramen, these noodles are made from wheat flour and buckwheat making it a healthier alternative. You can choose to have your Udon hot or cold. Toss it with some curry sauce to provide a pungent flavor to your palate.
  5. Curry Rice
    Unlike the famous Thai curry, Japanese curry rice is distinctly unique in its flavor. Prepared with carrot, beetroot, and minced beef, this dish makes for a savory main course.
  6. Teishoku
    Teishoku is a feast for food- lovers who want the taste of everything. Served with the main dish (meat or vegetable stew) with rice and soup on the side, Teishoku is a meal in itself.
  7. Tonkatsu
    Tonkatsu is a pork-based dish that is served with cabbage and lettuce on the side. It is a must-try when in Japan.
  8. Ramen
    Originally conceived in Japan, the best Ramen is found on the streetside as well as in Michelin star restaurants. Get a flavor of what authentic Ramen tastes like and you will be glad you did.
  9. Yakiniku
    Grilled chicken meat never tasted better when barbecued right on your seat. Yakiniku is a powerhouse of protein and is tasty at the same time, so gear up for a power-packed Japanese meal.
  10. Japanese Desserts
    For all those with a sweet tooth, Japan has a variety of sweets to entice them. We recommend trying Taiyaki – a traditional sweet with the outer covering of a fish, filled with red bean paste. Pastries and soft-serves in Japan are worth trying too!

If you are looking for traditional Japanese food, here are some of the most popular restaurants in Japan that you must try out if you are looking to have the best Japanese food –

Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Japan

  1. Sushi-Ya
    Sushi-ya is an authentic Japanese restaurant specialising in sushi. Here customers can sit at the counter or table behind the sushi chef.
  2. Kaitenzushi
    Kaitenzushi are less expensive sushi restaurants, where the sushi dishes are displayed on a conveyor belt and the customers are free to pick any of the Japanese dishes they like as it passes in front of them. They can also order things that are not available in the belt.
  3. Soba-ya & Udon-ya
    Soba-ya specialises in soba noodle dishes and Udon-ya in udon. The noodles can be ordered with different toppings. Here, the Japanese food list in the menu changes in accordance with the weather.
  4. Ramen-ya
    Ramen-ya specialises in ramen dishes. Its success is due to its own soup, one of the most important ingredients in the chinese-style noodles served in a soup.
  5. Kare-ya
    Kare-ya are restaurants that specialise in Japanese-style curry rice dishes, found around major railway stations.
  6. Gyudon-ya
    Gyudon-ya specialize in gyudon (beef donburi). They are considered to be among the most inexpensive fast food restaurants.
  7. Yakitori-ya
    Yakitori-ya specialize in yakitori, grilled chicken skewers which are usually grilled to order over a charcoal fire. They go together with ramen-ya, for a late night snack after drinking.
  8. Okonomiyaki-ya
    Okonomiyaki-ya specialize in okonomiyaki. At some restaurants, customers prepare their okonomiyaki by themselves on a hot plate built into the table.
  9. Tonkatsu-ya
    Tonkatsu-ya serves tonkatsu, deep fried breaded pork cutlets.
  10. Tempura-ya
    Tempura-ya specialize in tempura dishes, such as tendon (tempura donburi) and assorted tempura.

But, hey! What about authentic Japanese restaurants in India?
Don’t worry, we have got you covered too! Below are the list of 10 popular japanese food places in India –

Authentic Japanese Restaurants in India

Best Japanese Restaurant in Mumbai

  • Wasabi by Morimoto, Mumbai
  • Umame, Mumbai

Best Japanese Restaurant in Delhi

  • Guppy, New Delhi
  • Megu, New Delhi

Best Japanese Restaurant in Kolkata

  • Zen, Kolkata
  • Aajisai, Kolkata

Best Japanese Restaurant in Banglore

  • Kaze, Bangalore
  • Edo, Bangalore

Best Japanese Restaurant in Hyderabad

  • Ohm, Hyderabad
  • Zega, Hyderabad

With all these amazing Japanese dishes for Indians in foreign countries, we are sure your stay in Japan is going to be memorable!

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