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Parts Of The Body In Japanese

parts of the body in japanese

If you ever plan to visit Japan, this will come in handy. You never know what can happen to your health. There might come a time when you need to see a doctor, and in Japan, more than half of the Japanese people do not speak English or any other languages other than Japanese. So, it’s best to prepare yourself and learn these common body parts in Japanese.

In this blog, we will tell you how to say different body parts in Japanese.

External Human Body Parts In Japanese

The external human body parts are those that we can see with our own eyes. Here are some of the external body parts in Japanese.
parts of the body in japanese

  • Body In Japanese: Karada (体)
  • Skin in Japanese: Hada (肌)
  • Head in Japanese: Atama (頭)
  • Hair in Japanese: Kami (髪)
  • Face in Japanese: Kao (顔)
  • Forehead in Japanese: Hitai (額)
  • Eyes in Japanese: Me (目)
  • Eyelash in Japanese: Matusge (まつげ)
  • Eyebrows in Japanese: Mayu (眉)
  • Eyelid in Japanese: Matuba (まぶた)
  • Nose in Japanese: Hana (鼻)
  • Nostrils in Japanese: Biko (鼻孔)
  • Ears in Japanese: Mimi (耳)
  • Cheeks in Japanese: Hoho (頬)
  • Mouth in Japanese: Kuchi (口)
  • Lip in Japanese: Kuchibiru (唇)
  • Tongue in Japanese: Shita (舌)
  • Teeth in Japanese: Ha (歯)
  • Jaw in Japanese: Ago (あご)
  • Neck in Japanese: Kubi (首)
  • Shoulder in Japanese: Kata (肩)
  • Hands in Japanese: Te (手)
  • Finger in Japanese: Yubi (指)
  • Nail in Japanese: Tsume (爪)
  • Arms in Japanese: Ude (腕)
  • Elbow in Japanese: Hiji (ひじ)
  • Waist in Japanese: Uesuto (ウエスト)
  • Legs in Japanese: Ashi (脚)
  • Knees in Japanese: Hiza (膝)
  • Heel in Japanese: Kakato (かかと)
  • Ankle in Japanese: Ashikubi (足首)
  • Toe in Japanese: Tsumasaki (つまさき)
  • Back in Japanese: senaka (背中)

Internal Human Body Parts In Japanese

The internal human body parts include your organs such as your liver, kidney, lungs, etc. Here are the different internal organs in Japanese.
parts of the body in japanese

  • Stomach in Japanese: Onaka (おなか)
  • Chest in Japanese: Mune (む
  • Kidney in Japanese: Kanzō (肝臓)
  • Brain in Japanese: Nō (脳)
  • Heart in Japanese: Shinzō (心臓)
  • Pancreas in Japanese: Suizō (膵臓)
  • Large intestine in Japanese: Daichō (大腸)
  • Small intestine in Japanese: Shōchō (小腸)
  • Bladder in Japanese: Bōkō (膀胱)

We hope the above-mentioned body parts in Japanese make your travel or move to Japan even the tiniest bit easier.

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