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How to join a Japanese Language School in Japan

Preparation is key to securing admission into a good language school. Good research on the language, coupled with hard work and determination is the sure-shot way to go forward. Here, we have shortlisted the application process and the best ways to join a Japanese Language School in Japan.


A student must have a basic knowledge of the Japanese language (N5). Attempting the JLPT is a good idea to measure your knowledge of different levels, it also acts as a referential document to secure immigration to Japan. Fluency in the Japanese language is always considered favorable and could even grant you preferential treatment in Japan.

In order to be considered, you should have passed your 12th grade and should hold a documentary proof of the same.

Another thing that is required to study in Japan is that you should have a blood-relation with the sponsor. This means that your guardian/ the person paying for your course fee must be directly related to you to be considered for admission to the school. These could include your close relatives or someone from your own family.

You should be under the age of 30, to study in Japan.
To make the process easy for you, get associated with a Japanese Language Institute that prepares a person to learn Japanese Language and helps getting Job in Japan.

Documents Required:

To conduct a reference check, you would need to submit a list of documents to the school, which can help you in not just obtaining your admission, but also for your student visa.

Application Form:

Download and submit the application form to the school of your choice with filled-in details.

Academic Records:

You would need to submit a hard copy of your academic records- mainly your 10th and 12th certificate, Transfer certificate, etc.


You need to hold a passport and submit a copy of the same to school authorities. This will be used to obtain your student visa.

Aadhar Card:

Your Aadhar card would serve as identity proof along with your passport in getting a student visa.

Character Certificate:

Universities and schools generally issue a ‘character certificate’ to validate proof of conduct.

3 years Bank Account Statement:

You need to submit a copy of your sponsor’s bank statement for 3 years. This is to ensure that your sponsor has enough funds to sponsor your education.

These are the things to keep in mind before applying to a Japanese school of your choice. We wish you all the best in your search.

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