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5 Career Options for Graduates after Learning Japanese Language

In a country like India, where the unemployment rate is extremely high due to overpopulation, finding the right job is difficult even for a highly-skilled graduate. One has to do everything in his caliber to stand out from the crowd to find a quality job.

Did you know that multilingual and bilinguals have higher chances of getting hired in today’s competitive job market?

It’s true! MNCs, in particular, are always on the lookout for candidates who offer flexibility and adaptability as far as the languages and cultures are concerned. Companies are always expanding their reach globally and in order to communicate with non-English speaking clients/customers, they need people who speak their clients’ languages.

Moreover, learning a new language increases your chances of working abroad and exercises your brain to the point that your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills are enhanced.

Why Japanese Language should be the top pick for you?

So, if you agree with the fact that learning a foreign language can boost your career and plan to gain expertise in one, then Japanese language is our top pick for you. The job opportunities after learning Japanese language for Indians are huge if you want to have a career in Japan or in India.

India and Japan have been constantly helping each other to create more employment opportunities for both the countries. In fact, just recently the two nations signed the Specified Skilled Workers Agreement to provide job opportunities to skilled Indian workers in 14 different sectors such as industrial machinery, nursing, agriculture, shipbuilding, aviation, etc.

As you can see there are a plethora of career opportunities for those who understand and speak Japanese. Japanese is one of the best foreign languages to learn for getting hired in India. Moreover, there are many jobs in Japan for Indian graduates.

In this article, we share with you some of the Japanese language career opportunities you could choose from after learning Japanese language.

Career Opportunities in different department after Graduation:

  1.  Teacher:
    Proficiency in the Japanese language can grant you the opportunity to either work in Japan as an English teacher or work in India as a Japanese teacher. Being an educator can be a rewarding career path as you will get to impart your knowledge to those in need. The average base salary of an English teacher in Japan is ¥3,238,803.00 (₹21,57,834.69) per annum.
  2. Translator/ Interpreter:
    As we’ve mentioned earlier, companies are always looking for opportunities to expand their business globally. Many Japanese companies such as Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Sony, Panasonic, and many others have branches in India and likewise, Indian companies such as HCL Technologies, OYO, Sun Pharma, and others have their presence in Japan. So, as English is not the first language for either country, the need for a translator or interpreter is high. There are many Japanese translator jobs in India. The average base salary for a translator in Japan is ¥3,553,618.00 (₹23,66,788.46) per annum.
  3. IT Expert:
    Home to some of the most advanced tech companies such as Hitachi, Sony, Nintendo, and SoftBank, among many others, Japan is known for being the hub of innovation and technology. While there are many job opportunities, the country is facing scarcity in manpower due to the aging population and shrinking domestic workforce. As such, Japanese companies have expanded their businesses in foreign countries like India to hire skilled workers. So, whether you want to work in India or Japan, the Japanese IT sector has many job openings for both freshers and experienced candidates. The average base salary of an Information Technology Specialist in Japan is ¥4,367,609.00 (₹29,08,723.64) per annum.
  4. Sales Executive:
    The economy of Japan is export-driven. Ergo, the demand for sales executives and agents is high in Japan. As a sales executive in Japan’s import-export industry with proficiency in the Japanese language, there are ample opportunities to find high-paying jobs even in India. You can learn Japanese online or offline. The average base salary of an International Sales Executive in India is ¥7,28,541.78 (₹485,000.00) per annum.
  5. Software Engineers:
    As predicted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry that by 2030, there will be a shortfall of 789,000 software engineers in Japan. Based on these numbers, you can see how high the demand for engineers is, in the coming years. So, if you want a career in Japan as a software engineer, your chances of getting hired, especially if you speak the Japanese language, are quite high. The average base salary of a software engineer in Japan is ¥4,913,431.00 (₹32,68,946.02) per annum.

How and Where you can Learn Japanese Language?

There are many ways to self-learn the basic Japanese language through books and tutorial videos, but if you are serious about your career growth by learning this fascinating language, you need to have expert guidance and training. And this can only be attained by joining a formal Japanese language course. There are many Japanese Language institutes in India that offer both offline and online classes taught by Japanese language experts. Moreover, you also get a certificate to show your proficiency in the Japanese language to your potential employers.

Institutions such as AKAL Japanese Academy offer Japanese Language Training to the level of JLPT N5, N4, or N3. If you are looking for jobs in Japan for ‘Indian freshers’ or if you want to learn Japanese in India, do visit our website.

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