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What is the Cost of Living in Japan?

What is the Cost of Living in Japan

Visiting or moving to a new country can be exciting and worthwhile. Traveling to or living in Japan has been a memorable experience for many people. If you wish to migrate to Japan, this article will guide you on the things you need to know about the cost of living in Japan.

For starters, Japan is quite affordable for its citizens. We have segregated this article for 3 different sections of people – TITP aspirants, Skilled professionals, and Highly-Skilled Professionals.

What is TITP? What will you benefit from TITP?

TITP stands for Technical Intern Training Program and refers to interns from India who migrate to Japan for a short tenure to train and work in reputed Japanese companies. Skilled and Highly Skilled professionals refer to the workers who are experts in their field and have some working experience in Japan.

Rental costs are quite sustainable in Japan. While skilled and highly skilled workers need to spend on housing, TITP aspirants needn’t worry about these costs as these are usually sponsored by the company. Gaijin houses and apartments in the suburban parts of the country make for an aesthetic view and are the best offbeat options available there.

Electricity is a must for your house and these costs may vary. Since these are affordable, most modern houses in Japan have basic electricity and water amenities. City water is at a standardized cost for all sections of the population.

The Japanese have a wide range of food options that are both delectable and quite pocket-friendly, so plan your next weekend in a local hangout place. There are several options for purchasing clothing, cell phones, and other items; right from 99 yen stores to bigger establishments. TITP aspirants, skilled and highly-skilled workers can therefore afford to dine out and enjoy the finest of Japan alike.

Table 1 depicting Cost of Living in Japan scenarios for different sectors

Cost of Living in japan

Monthly Cost of living in Japan

Considering that the ratio of expenses increases with an increase in income, we believe that living costs in Japan are manageable. Japan provides several options to its residents, so look out for things that are both affordable and work best for you.

We wish you luck in your journey of discovering Japan.

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